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Worship 25th January

Worship 25th January


Easington Collective Worship Plan 2020

Our weekly prayer – 6th July 2020
Loving God,
You are always watching over us and blessing us with many gifts.
Help us to be thankful and to only do what pleases you.
Help us to be the people you made us to be.

Our weekly prayer – 29th June 2020
Loving God,
We pray for all the people around us, and especially in our village.
Help us to be sensitive to their needs so that we can learn to truly love our neighbours as ourselves.
Help us all to live in love and peace.

Our weekly prayer – 22nd June 2020
Gracious God,
We pray for our families, friends and community,
that your love will shine in each person.
Help us to respect the beliefs of others even if we do not share them.
Help us to celebrate what we have in common and accept our differences
so that we can live together in love and peace,
helping and caring to each other.

Our weekly prayer – 15th June 2020
Lord God,
We thank you that you are fully in control of all things and pray that you will love and protect everyone.
Keep everyone safe, happy and healthy, in school or at home, at work or at play.

Our weekly prayer – 8th June 2020
Loving God,
Please heal the resentment between people and intervene in the world’s conflicts.
Help us to be caring and kind to others, and ourselves.
Help us to be to others as we wish them to be to us, but when we fail, please forgive us; and when they fail, please heal us.

Our weekly prayer – 1st June 2020
Loving God,
We prayer for those who are sick, sad or lonely and those who are brave and patient when things are going wrong. 
Bless them with your comforting presence and let them know that in your hands they are safe and loved. 
We continue to give thanks for all front line workers as they continue to risk their lives coping with the Coronavirus, and thank you for our teachers who are slowly reopening our school.
Please bless everyone who goes into school this week.

Our weekly prayer – 18th May 2020
Loving God,
We pray for this troubled world, for all people and all leaders, that they may turn to you for wisdom and accept your love and peace.
We pray that you will replace the feelings of fear and sadness with joy and hope.
Give us the opportunity each day to help you by brightening the day of at least one person by giving a smile or a kind word.

Our weekly prayer – 11th May 2020
Father God,
Being in Lockdown is hard, we were created to be with friends, not in isolation.
But, we are grateful that no matter how lonely we feel, we know that you are always with us.
We are thankful for the technology that helps us to stay in touch with others, and we thank you that Social distancing and Isolation will not last forever.
Give us strength to endure this difficult time, and fill us with your love, peace, hope and joy, because we need it!
Heal our people and our land.

Our weekly prayer – 4th May 2020

Father God,

How often we question you and think that we are on our own to work things out.  

Help us to listen to your promises, to receive your assurances, to let you remove troubles from our hearts and may we always remember your constant presence with us.

We pray for those people of the world who are the victims of the Pandemic, an accident, war, violence, greed and natural disasters.  We pray for Hope, Healing and Peace.


Our weekly prayer – 27th April 2020
Heavenly Father,
We praise you for Your love and faithfulness in all things. 
We thank You for your protection and care for our families.
But some days we feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed, 
so we ask that You would help us to be even more aware of your constant presence in our lives. 
Please fill our days with Your truth, Your love and Your Peace. 

Our weekly prayer – 20th April 2020
God of Heaven and Earth,
In these strange times when we are separated from loved ones and friends,
thank you that there is nothing, not even coronavirus, that can separate us from your love.
Help us to share your love through kindness and care to others.
Help us to recognise your love when we see the kindness and care of strangers.
Bless everyone with your wonderful love.

Our weekly prayer – 13th April 2020

Risen Lord Jesus,

For many of us there is fear, doubt and uncertainty, just as there was for your disciples when you died; but then you rose again and came to them alive to offer them peace.

Thank you that your peace reaches out to us today even in life’s fiercest storms.

May we all know that we are always held in your love.


Our weekly prayer – 6th April 2020

Loving God,
We pray for the people who have contracted the coronavirus around the world.  Comfort those who are grieving and give your peace to those who are worried, fearful and uncertain as the virus spreads.
We pray for governments who are developing strategies to contain and deal with the virus and those in the health services who risk their own lives to care for the sick.
Help us to be responsible in the things that we do in our lives to prevent the spread of the virus by following the recommended precautions and avoiding situations which may make things worse.
Bless everyone with your love and peace.

Our theme for this week is Resilience.

Sometimes life can feel hard and overwhelming, we learn through life what makes us stronger and what makes us feel weaker. Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties.

Resilience is something we develop and grow throughout life.

Dear God

Please help to make us stronger when things seem difficult
Please give us peace and calm when things around us are changing
Help us to see the positives and know that we are safe and well loved
Show us how to think about others who are also going through difficult times

Thank you God


Our weekly prayer – 30th March 2020
Loving God,
Your son, Jesus, was born into the family of Mary and Joseph.
Bless all families, and especially those caring for children.
Strengthen families living under stress in these days of dealing with fear and concerns about the Coronavirus, shortage of food, school closures and isolation.
Please bless every home with your love and peace.


Mrs Berry has found a link to The Lord’s Prayer with guidance on how to sign it. Perhaps you could try this at home.