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Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Updated Guidance – September 2021

In general, all our schools will continue to follow government guidance, however there are
updates to procedure that we need to tell you about:

• If your child is a contact of someone who contracts the virus, there is no longer a
requirement for them to self-isolate. We will still advise parents/carers but ask you to
monitor your child’s health and seek a PCR test if you are concerned.

• If your child develops symptoms they should not come into school and you should
arrange for a PCR test. If positive, isolate for 10 days.

• If anyone in any of our schools presents symptoms, however mild, they will be sent
home. You will appreciate schools will have little option in these circumstances and it
will give you the opportunity to arrange a PCR test for your child.

We will continue to maintain enhanced cleaning regimes to ensure good hygiene for
everyone and we will keep occupied spaces well ventilated.

While the Covid situation has eased, we are aware this remains a stressful time for many
people and we want to work with you to allay any concerns. Please contact us
directly to talk through your worries.

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