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Our aim at Easington Primary Academy is to inspire children to be creative, imaginative writers, who enjoy sharing their ideas on a page and who are confident and thoughtful learners who approach writing with enthusiasm. We aspire to weave writing through all areas of the curriculum, ensuring that children are aware of the relevance of these skills in life. This includes oral and communication skills, the foundation of which are laid in EYFS. We aim to prepare our children for their future by giving them the writing skills necessary to succeed.

Writing is approached through a planned sequence in which the children explore the chosen genre in depth before writing their own. They analyse examples, practice and hone the necessary skills and then plan their own, in order to produce a successful piece of writing. Children are given ownership over their own writing, in order to promote enjoyment, creativity and independence. Purpose and audience play an integral role in the approach to writing and learning opportunities are carefully planned to allow children to appreciate the relevance of pieces of writing and to tailor their skills accordingly. As a school, we aim to provide a culture of pride in the children’s writing so that they can become independent and flexible writers. In EYFS and Year 1 to support the needs of our early writers we use Talk for Writing to enable them to verbalise their ideas first this is something that we have identified as a need for our younger children.

Also in EYFS, children have opportunities for mark making in their provision with a focus on improving gross and fine motor skills. Every opportunity is taken to model effective language through child initiated activities.

From the beginning of Reception through to Year 3, children have daily Read Write Inc sessions. Parts of each session focuses on spelling using their current phonetic knowledge. We use Fred Fingers to support the spelling of words. From Year 4 onwards we use Fresh Start to develop and cement their writing and Phonological knowledge.

Writing environments: 

Each class has an English Working Wall which reflects what they are learning. Early Years, KS1 and all Phonics teaching areas display RWI sounds and green and red words to support children’s learning. Fresh Start supports our older learners.

Writing Overview