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Religious Education

At Easington Primary Academy, as a church school, we aim to celebrate diversity and offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our pupils. We believe that Religious Education (RE) provides an opportunity to celebrate and foster awareness of these differences within our school and the wider world. It is a subject that celebrates diversity.

RE is taught weekly, focusing on the knowledge and skills stated in the East Riding SACRE Agreed Syllabus. Teachers will have identified the key knowledge and skills to be developed in each unit to ensure progression across each of the school years and phases. The key knowledge and vocabulary linked to this will be revisited monthly to ensure that the children are retaining the knowledge. Children have yearly opportunities to either engage with a religious workshop or visit a religious place of worship linked in with their learning and big questions at that time.

Our Aims

  • To help our children develop respect and sensitivity for all people
  • To help our children understand faith and moral codes to guide them and develop informed opinions
  • To help our children develop an understanding of modern multi-cultural Britain and how this is reflected in their lives and local community
  • To help our children understand more about the importance of religion in today’s world.

Also as a church school and within our RE and linked PSHCE lessons we celebrate our values and ethos.

RE Overview

RE Progression Document